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Mental Health Awareness Week

  • 10 May 2022
  • Camellia Plc

Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, we take a quick look at #Camellia_plc approach to supporting employee’s mental health.

In line with our ethos, the health and wellbeing of all Group employees is a significant focus. For many of us, the past couple of years have proved to be very trying times with more and more people experiencing mental health issues first hand. Work is such a huge part of our lives, having a fulfilling job with supportive relationships can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing and health. It is vital that we can help others to create a positive work environment.

In the UK, we have ensured that there is a trained Mental Health First Aider at all of our sites to provide internal support to the challenges of work and home. The role of a Mental Health First Aider is to recognise any changes in an employee’s behaviour and make themselves approachable in order to offer help and direct them to further support.

We also provide a leading Employee Assistance Programme and have dedicated Occupational Health providers to ensure independent, professional advice where health affects the work or work affects the health of our employees. This week, we have 16 employees from across our UK subsidiaries taking part in Mental Health First Aid training.

‘Mental Health First Aid training has given me an understanding of how people can suffer in different ways. I now feel confident in dealing with difficult situations, listening to problems without judgement and recommending the correct path for support’.

Find out more about mental health here:

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