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We are committed to improving the long-term growth and well-being of our businesses, our communities, and our environments.


ESG is integral to our business

We have a fundamental belief that we are custodians of our operations and must ensure a process of continuous improvement across all that we do. This enables our assets to be passed on to future generations whilst caring for the environments in which they are based and for those communities who depend on them. We believe that the success of all our operations is intrinsically connected to the communities, the environments and wider supply chains in which they operate.


From the Board level, we insist on having robust and vigorous governance in place. However, we do not legislate every rule, policy, procedure and process for each of our operations, rather we empower the local leadership teams to determine and adopt best practices under the umbrella of our Group Principal Policies.

This model enables us to ensure the continuity, development and progressive growth of these individual enterprises in an ethical and responsible way, that is relevant to their local jurisdictions and cultures

Our commitment

We have developed a Group sustainability strategy consisting of five guiding pillars which align to ten of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Five key focus areas have been identified within these pillars for which the Group's operations will create action plans and initiatives to actively create strategies and seek solutions which address the various challenges facing the Group. 

Five guiding pillars


Use water sustainably, reduce waste, protect the ecosystems within which the Group operates, and work to improve the resilience of estates and farmers to climate change.


Aim to reach net-zero emissions across the Group’s value chain through improved efficiency and transitioning to more renewable fuels. 

Social Sustainability

Work across the Group to improve supply chain access to clean drinking water and sanitation and good livelihoods, a living wage for workers and a living income for farmers. 


Champion equality, empowerment and inclusion to enable everyone in the Group to feel safe and have equal opportunity, whilst upholding and fostering a culture of zero tolerance on harassment and discrimination.

Health & Safety

Group operations to work to provide safe working environments for their employees, which comply with the highest international standards.

Group Biodiversity Watch

The biodiversity watch is a Camellia Group wide survey whereby our employees help us to track what they find around them from six categories; plants, fungi, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles and birds, with the aim of assessing the health of our local environments. 

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