Camellia Plc is an international group – a global family of diverse companies with a 135-year heritage employing approximately 78,500 people worldwide. From the start, Camellia’s ethos has been based on the highest moral and professional integrity, and a commitment to doing the right thing – ethically and commercially, globally and locally.


"Our entire emphasis is towards the development of a world-wide group of businesses which by their very nature require their management teams to take a long term view. Many companies in the Group are more than 100 years old and have acquired particular skills and traditions. We do not see these assets as objects or commodities or bits of paper that can be traded, but rather, as living entities from which, if properly managed, we might earn an attractive long term return on our investment. We also consider it our prime responsibility to ensure the continuity, development and progressive growth of these individual enterprises."

Gordon Fox, Founder of Camellia


We see ourselves as custodians, holding our business in trust for future generations. We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure the stability, security and continuity of all our businesses, so that they can be passed on to the next generation as enduring operations. We recognise that people and businesses take time to establish and grow to their full potential and we are happy to wait for that to happen. We are deeply committed to improving the long-term stability and wellbeing of our businesses, the communities and the environments in which we are involved.



We are committed not only to the welfare of our employees but also to the communities in which they live. We believe our businesses can and should grow with respect and care for the environment rather than at the cost of it. We invest in ensuring that the environments where we operate are protected and improved, and seek to minimise any damage our activities may cause.



Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.