Human Rights Update

30TH APRIL, 2021

Rainforest Alliance Audit at EPM

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Between February and April 2021 EPM underwent two audits conducted by Africert (Kenya), the Certification Body that audits for compliance with and certification to the Sustainable Agriculture Standard (SAN2017) of Rainforest Alliance.

The first audit was an investigation that focused on social issues, particularly on cases of harassment. The second was a full certification audit that focused on checking compliance with all applicable requirements of the SAN2017 standard.

We are thrilled to note that during both audits, there were no serious shortfalls raised that would warrant any sanction by the standard owners. EPM therefore continues to maintain  its RA certification programme and in the words of the auditor the company is on course to a seamless transition to the new RA SAN2020 standard certification.

EPM RFA audit

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.