14TH JANUARY, 2021

Nalua Tea Estate - My Journey to Management

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International Youth Day seeks to demonstrate initiatives and engagement completed by young people at local, national, and global levels.

As a Group, we provide essential training facilities and resources to ensure longevity across our operations. Each year, we review and report on our youth projects from concept to active participation.

The following case study is from Mr. Iqbal Hossain who has experienced firsthand the training facilities and support received from completing his Master’s in Forestry at Chittagong University to an Assistant Manager at Duncan Brothers Ltd.

Mr. Iqbal Hossain is the Assistant Manager of Nalua Tea Estate, supervising the factory operations. Throughout the past 11 years, his value to Nalua has grown, resulting in more operational responsibility.


Mr Iqbal Hossain, Nalua Tea Estate

“When I joined Duncan Brothers in 2009 my first training course was an ‘Elementary guidelines on tea culture course’ regarding operation and managerial skill development. This course combines 12 modules in total and prepares you for a career working with tea.”

Since completing the course in 2012, Mr. Hossain has continued his personal and professional development with a series of training workshops, resulting in the accumulation of International Certifications such as; Rain Forest Alliance (RA) certification training, and ISO-2005:2200 and HACCP certification training.

The long-term accomplishments obtained from enrolling in company training as a youth has been well merited.

“Training has given me a greater understanding of my responsibilities within the job role. It taught me to understand new concepts, become proficient in planning, and in turn build my confidence.”

Providing Mr. Iqbal with the knowledge and confidence required to excel in agriculture is just one facet of training programs provided by Duncan Brothers. Equally as important is the changing landscape of technology and how this drives the tea industry.

“Productivity is not only dependent on employees, but also on the technology we use. Training goes a long way in getting me as an employee up to date with new technology, use existing ones better, and then discard the outdated ones.”


Work at a tea nursery, Nalua Tea Estate

Finally, when asked the key takeaway from accessing and completing his training courses, Mr. Iqbal commented:

“I feel lucky enough that I have the opportunities undertake to job training, technical training, and academic training programs through my company.  As a trainee, I grasped important information about different aspects of tea such as tea soil management, nutrition, plant improvement, and tea planting. I don’t believe I would be an Assistant Manager today if I hadn’t learned so much so early in my career.”

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