Human Rights Update

26TH MARCH, 2021

More Female Guards at Kakuzi

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Over the last few months, Kakuzi’s security department has undergone numerous changes, introducing soft skills and ensuring the focus of the guards is to observe and report.

In line with commitments made under the settlement of claims in Kenya, Kakuzi have been working to increase the number of female security guards and the number of female lead guards. This has seen the recruitment of about 200 new female guards and the promotion of 12 female guards to lead guards.


Kakuzi are working to promote gender equality as well as to enhance the human face in their security department.

Kakuzi's security guards also undergo Human Rights training and sensitization to enhance our commitment to Business and Human Rights Principles.

All this is in an effort to reduce conflict between our guards and the community and promote friendly relations.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.