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8TH MARCH, 2021

International Women's Day 2021

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This International Women's Day we would like to celebrate the success of Lucy Thornton

International Women's Day 2021

International Women's Day was first recognised in Europe in 1911, 100 years later, we continue to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world.

Over the past year, we have all experienced the immense challenges of the pandemic both in our personal and professional lives.

This International Women's Day we are excited to celebrate Lucy Thornton's success.

Lucy Thornton, Head of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability, JING

Favourite tea: Darjeeling

2020 saw Lucy gain a qualification in Business Sustainability Management, become Head of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability at JING, and be named a Walpole Custodian.

With a Master's in Marketing and Communications, Lucy's career started in media and the super yacht industry. She quickly felt that she wanted to do something more purposeful, something that she was passionate about.

"Tea is something I have always loved, so I followed my heart and taste buds to JING."

Lucy Thornton - JING

Lucy joined JING 8 years ago, an integral part of the team, her role has changed and grown with the business. Initially working in marketing and products, she worked on the website and also specifically with the hospitability sector before becoming Head of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability.

The pandemic bought new challenges to JING, but with these challenges also opportunity.

"People have found a new connection to nature, their environment and how connected as people we are to the environment. This has made people care a lot more, understand the importance of organic, think about where their food and drink come from, and how things are made. This fits perfectly with JING."

When the world turned on its head in March 2020, hospitality stopped suddenly overnight. The team at JING took this as an opportunity to pivot their business model for the short term. This change would accelerate the consumer side of the business and in doing so presented a chance for the team to revisit their purpose as a company and as a brand.

"In all those discussions, sustainability was very clearly at the top of our list."

Lucy completed a Business Sustainability Management qualification at the University of Cambridge. She loved the course which allowed her to grow in an area she, and the whole team at JING feel passionately about.

"By creating a role where sustainability is head of department level, we have ensured that it is now part of the decision making across the company for everything."

Joining the Camellia Group in 2018, I asked Lucy what impact this has had on JING's sustainability goals and aspirations.

"Sustainability is very clearly a part of who Camellia are. Being part of the Group has encouraged JING to pursue their sustainability goals full pelt knowing that Camellia are behind us. We have a shared passion for a thriving tea industry."

Lucy in Darjeeling

Walpole Custodians 2020

Introduced in 2020, Walpole Custodians is a new category which celebrates individuals who have progressed their brand's sustainability goals during a particularly difficult year.

The Walpole Sustainability Manifesto pillars are,

  • leading the transition towards a circular economy
  • safeguarding environment and natural resources
  • guiding suppliers towards sustainable practices
  • advocating equal and respectful working conditions.

From speaking to Lucy it is clear why she was nominated to be a Walpole Custodian. Her passion for sustainability, and more specifically, sustainability in the tea industry is clear.

"I'm delighted to be named a Walpole 2020 Power List winner, to be part of a network of passionate individuals who are pursuing excellence and positive change in their fields. To collaborate and support each other through celebrating success within this network is highly motivating."

Lucy believes taking sustainability seriously is the future of all the industry. The Walpole Custodian category is a demonstration of celebrating success in the area, she hopes that this will be motivating to individuals to pursue sustainability, not just as an add on to a role, but as an attractive career opportunity in its own right.

Aspirations for 2021

Now that 2020 is behind us, I asked Lucy what changes she hoped to see in the tea industry in 2021.

"For me I'd like to see consumers valuing tea origins more, understanding that it's all about terroir and craftsmanship, really thinking about where their tea comes from and how it's made. I'd also love to see consumers exploring loose-leaf more."

In addition to this Lucy would love to see more collaboration within the tea industry itself.

"It would be good to see more collaboration between the big and small players within the industry to accelerate our shared sustainability goals."

2020 ESG Report

Our 2020 ESG Report is now available.