15TH JULY, 2020

An Update from the Camellia CEO

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As life in the UK begins a slow return to normal, I want to give an update as to how we are responding to the pandemic.

There is no country in which we operate that has been unaffected by the virus and, while thankfully few employees have tested positive so far, we continue to remain vigilant.  In the UK I believe that local outbreaks will be likely for some time, and in many countries we have yet to see the peak of the first wave.

Our priority remains the welfare of our employees and their families.  All our farms, agricultural estates, warehouses and processing plants continue to use suitable safety procedures; taking into account local laws, regulations and what is actually happening on the ground.

Our agricultural estates in particular are an important part of their local communities.  We are ensuring that where possible the health facilities on those estates are part of a wider, national response and also provide care to the local community.

Camellia‚Äôs businesses play an important role, particularly in food production and distribution.  As of now, all our operations have continued to run, albeit in very altered circumstances for some.  I am grateful and proud of the way that our management teams and their staff all over the world have dealt with the crisis.  As a Group we will continue to think long term and to protect the future of our operations where possible.

Tom Franks

CEO, Camellia Plc

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.