1ST APRIL, 2020

A Message from the Camellia CEO

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The coronavirus epidemic is affecting all of us and everything we do. Our first concern is for the wellbeing of staff across the Camellia Group and any of them or their families who have been directly hit by the virus.

Camellia operations range from those growing and distributing food products globally, to production of engineering components.

Our agricultural businesses grow tea, macadamia, avocado and a wide range of other produce; the medical facilities at these operations that traditionally provide for staff will now be made available to a far wider population. In engineering our metal finishing business is preparing to coat components for medical ventilators. In food service our business provides cold storage and refrigerated food distribution.

As important, essential businesses they will continue to operate where possible with appropriate safety protocols, taking account of local regulations and laws introduced to hinder the spread of the virus. Where possible staff will work remotely.

Life will be more difficult and uncertain, certainly for a time. Despite this, the guiding principle for the Group and for our operations will not change – we will continue to take the long term view, so that the future of our companies is safeguarded as much as possible. Short term profitability will inevitably be lower as our businesses grapple with the operating constraints of the new circumstances. 

I am proud of the way our Camellia operations and their staff have already risen to the challenge with resolve and practicality. More of this will be needed in the weeks and months ahead as things develop and we do all we can to provide stable production and supply to our business partners and consumers.

Tom Franks

CEO, Camellia Plc

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.