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Case Studies

Community Library Project in Nandi Hills

As part of our continuous work towards social sustainability, EPK and Taylors of Harrogate under their Social and Environmental Support Grant Scheme, have formed a partnership to support educational resources in Nandi Hills through a Community library project. 

There is a growing need to support students in our communities in Kenya. Few students have access to a local library, and in Nandi Hills, the nearest national library is over 25kms away. To improve literacy, economic development and lifelong learning in the community, we developed a project to build and support the running of a local library.

The Mogoon Community Library Project is due for completion in September and will provide a centre for education for many schools in EPK's local community.

A committee was established to support planning and progress of the project and a group has been set up to support a steady supply of books to the library, including the local administration and Alumni of various neighbouring schools.

By bringing learning resources closer to home we hope to encourage students to learn from a broader range of books, prepare them for further studies and nurture their career prospects.

‘Library services will be a highly efficient way of ensuring that clusters of schools maximize their value for money by having access to resources, information and expertise needed to develop children’s reading skills and provide knowledge.’

Simon Odhiambo, EPK


The Mogoon Community Library is expected to serve an average of 50 primary schools and 10 secondary schools as well as 5 secondary schools and a vocational institution.

Located within a community resource Centre where youth and adult literacy activities are taking place, the goal is for the library to develop into a centre where students can meet with authors and other professionals, for mentorship and inspiration.  

The books and computer sections will be furnished by the end of August, ready for the official opening of the library in September 2019.

As the project progresses, we will continue to collaborate with the Kenya National Library services, the Ministry of Education and the local government to support the long-term success of the project.

2020 ESG Report