22ND JANUARY, 2018

5th Annual Avocado Farmer's Day

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Kakuzi embraces open days as a tool to reach out to stakeholders within the industry.

With avocado farming quickly becoming one of the main cash crops in the area, the popularity of the smallholder program has grown, attracting farmers not only from Kakuzi’s local community but further afield in neighboring Counties. The smallholder program is needed to ensure continued education for the community and farmers on the latest avocado production technologies, and best management practices. Access to this information supports the farmers, assisting them in increasing their yields and in turn driving wealth.


Avocado Farmers’ Day is an initiative that has bought smallholder farmers together annually, since 2013. The program is part of Kakuzi’s commitment to addressing socio-economic factors that contribute to a sustainable society. The open day was held on 8th December 2017 at the Kakuzi Packhouse, where the theme "Growing the Fruit Together" continues to be the focus.


Murang’a County Governor Hon. Mwangi wa Iria was this year’s guest of honor, with a total of 2,618 farmers in attendance. The governor recognised Kakuzi as a reliable and genuine processor and exporter, who have changed the fortunes of the local farmers by providing a stable market. He invited Kakuzi to partner with the County through their CSR program which plans to distribute 2 million avocado seedlings.


Over fifteen stakeholders including financial institutions and agrochemical companies also attended the event, guiding farmers on access to finance and other farm inputs.


Due to sustained increases in avocado yields the farmers bonus payment this year was over Ksh. 19 million, which clearly demonstrates that the program is having a positive impact on the local farmers as well as the wider communities.  

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.