3RD JULY, 2017

Working Towards Narrowing the Digital Gap.

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Access to ICT facilities is a major challenge in most Kenyan classrooms. However it is now reported that ICT has penetrated many sectors in Kenya including; Agriculture, Banking, Transport and Communications. It is therefore imperative to support the education sector, where our future generations are eager to learn and put to practice computer literacy skills. Working towards narrowing the digital and knowledge gap, Eastern Produce Kenya donated 13 computers to neighbouring institutions in May, 2017. 


The Primary schools received computers to aid teachers in planning classroom sessions and preparing analysis of pupil’s performance and progress. Few of the teachers are trained in ICT, the donations have helped eliminate their fears of being rendered irrelevant as they are now being supported in progressing their own skills. The computers have gone a long way to support the now all essential skills, that cut across the nature of work and future employment for our children.


In a colourful celebration based on the school uniform, Kapsabet Girls Secondary School received 4 computers from EPK. Previously the school could only accommodate 11 students due to the number of computers available. The donation has increased the number of students taking up ICT in the institution from 11 to 15. The girls could not hide their joy nor could their teachers. As the best performing class in the previous National Examination they were very happy to be able to accommodate more students.

The Company Director, Leah K. Chirchir advised,

“take advantage of this opportunity to explore your full potential.”


Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.