7TH APRIL, 2017

School Children at EPK Celebrate International Day of Forests

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In 2017, the theme for International Day of Forests was Forests and Energy. One could ask how much is known about forests and energy? This question provided an ideal platform to raise awareness of the importance of trees to primary school children within EPK estates.


The tree planting activity was an initiative of EPK and its Environment advisor who requested to work with school children to plant trees. 15 estate primary schools participated in the exercise with 10 trees planted per school. In total, 150 trees were planted from 21st March to 23rd March 2017, targeting 5 schools per day, marking the International Day of Forests by EPK.


Engaging children through education is a way of ensuring that the sustainability of forests within Nandi is maintained. EPK emphasize the importance of learning to appreciate the tangible and non-tangible benefits of trees from a young age, the event taught the children skills on the proper procedure for tree planting which guarantees survival of the tress to maturity.

By supporting tree planting activities like this one, EPK continues to contribute to the universal Sustainable Development Goal’s (SDG) set out by the UN. SDG 15 focuses on managing forests sustainably, restoring degraded lands and successfully combating desertification, reducing degraded natural habitats and ending biodiversity loss. 

The children’s’ understanding of why trees are rooted in life and livelihoods has been nurtured through educational sessions held during the exercises including an understanding of economic, social, cultural and ecological value of trees in the country and the world.


Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.