14TH MARCH, 2017

Goodricke Open a New Factory at Rajpura

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India’s largest producer of Darjeeling tea, Goodricke group is well known for its iconic gardens and authenticity of the tea making process. The new factory unit in Rajpura is a packing facility for their popular CTC tea range which makes up 80% of their total business.


Mr.A.N.Singh, Managing Director. "Our new factory in Rajpura will have stellar standards of factory compliances. The blending and packing machinery is modern and compliant to all statutory standards."

The new factory is central to the busy areas of Himachal, Haryana and Punjab and is equipped with state of the art machinery. Goodricke invest heavily in providing facilities to employees and their initiatives and facilities are considered among the best in the region. We hope that with this new facility Goodricke will bring further prosperity to the local community.

Mr. Vikram Singh Gulia, Head Packet Tea Division. "Since Rajpura is central to Himachal, Haryana and Punjab where we sell in abundance, Our sale in these states alone contribute to 20% of our total sales. Being in close proximity to the market makes logistical sense and benefits us to meet the demand quickly and helps us to provide fresher teas to the consumer, while making the packing process more economical."

Mr. Rajeshwar Tiwari, Production Head ."Our blending will be optimally perfect suiting the market tastes   due to close proximity and regular feedback from consumers. We will be equipped to address consumer preferences better and with more accuracy and expertise."

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.