8TH JUNE, 2017

Eastern Produce Malawi Start Tree Planting Programme

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On the 27th May 2017, Kasembereka School invited Mianga and Gotha Schools to join their staff, students and parents for a tree planting event.  The focus of the day was to teach students how to plant and nurture trees and to explain how planting trees benefits the environment. The tree planting event was opened by the General Manager, Kester Chiwalo, and the Head Teacher of Kasembereka School, Ronix Kadzuwa, who welcomed all attending and introduced the importance of tree planting.

Rabson Kachilele, EPM CSR Manager and Grete Davey, Environmental Consultant, held a Q&A session with the students and gave them some fun facts about trees; for example, the importance of mulch and the huge impact it has on maintaining moisture in the soil. The students, teachers and parents then gathered round for a demonstration of tree planting where the head boy, Nevin Lester, and head girl, Kelita Kachapande, had the honour of planting the first tree together. The rest of the students were then invited to plant their own tree with their parents.


The tree planting event was a great success and Kasembereka school believe it was an excellent start to what will be a very positive programme. The event saw a great turn out, with many students and parents in attendance who were eager to learn about tree planting and to plant their very own tree together. The students are excited to put their knowledge to use and to watch their trees grow over the years. 


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