21ST MARCH, 2017

Eastern Produce Kenya – Inspired to make Education More Accessible.

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To go to school each day, the children of Mlimani village would walk a long distance to Umoja village across forests, valleys and dense vegetation. They were escorted by the Village Headman, who would walk with them each morning and collect them each afternoon to ensure their safety. Inspired to make education more accessible for these children, the EPK team at Sitoi decided to convert a labour unit on their site into a classroom, to accommodate schooling of 30 pupils aged 3-6 years from Mlimani village.


The Minimum Service Standards for Quality Improvement of Vulnerable Children Programs in Kenya (2012), defines education service as, ‘The provision of a structured, age appropriate and relevant teaching and learning process, provided by registered educational and/or teaching institutions. Teaching and learning is delivered through both formal and non-formal approaches based on government approved curricula, and encompasses early childhood development at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.’

The project has created an environment that meets the Minimum Service Standards set. The school has been named the Mlimani Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre and offers a bright and well-ventilated classroom, which has been fully furnished with desks donated from the Sitoi estate. A sanitation facility has been installed for the use of the school and a playground is being built where the children can play on a slide, swing and see-saw.

The opening of the Mlimani ECD Centre attracted guests from the county government, who were overwhelmed after hearing about the project. The Assistant County Commissioner attended the launch of the school and urged collaboration between EPK and the ward administrators to facilitate the hiring of two full-time ECD teachers for the school.

She believes “there is great potential at Mlimani ECD Centre to provide students with a valuable education and instill them with great values, as they are the future of the country”.


The children recited poems to guests of the opening. 


The Senior Chief, Assistant Chief and a Senior Figure also attended the launch of Mlimani ECD Centre, which was led by EPK's Senior Estate Manager, Mr. Maina and the rest of the Sitoi team.

The Mlimani ECD Centre has not only helped in reducing the population of pupils in Umoja village and balance out the pupil-teacher ratio, but has also offered the children of Mlimani village a valuable education and promise for the future, right on their doorstep.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.