Case Studies

Kakuzi, Avocado Field Day for Farmers

Kakuzi is passionate about addressing social issues, in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and provide the opportunity for development for all. The welfare of Kakuzi’s employees and of the surrounding communities is therefore at the core if its operations. With this initiative in mind, Kakuzi runs the annual event Avocado Small Holders Field Day, which unites hundreds of small holder avocado farmers and allows them to take part in various education and training programmes.


The most recent event was held on 9th December 2016 at the Kakuzi Horticulture Park House grounds. Kakuzi welcomed an impressive attendance of 896 farmers.


The theme aimed to create a community amongst the farmers and provide them with the tools they need to exceed in their businesses.

After the initial welcoming and registering of all of the guests, they proceeded to the tents for various talks, training and skills sessions, including a speech from the guest of honor, the Agriculture Executive of Morang’a County.

The event showcased 24 stands, 16 of which were run by experienced Kakuzi managers and 8 by skilled local farmers. The stands mainly included workshops on avocado husbandry, but also offered training on macadamia husbandry for the local farmers who are unable to grow avocados due to their soil ecology.

Although a smaller number of 65 farmers registered for the macadamia workshop, Kakuzi recognises the importance of economic empowerment and growth for all of its surrounding communities; it also runs various projects around Ithanga, Rubiru and Kakuzi Hills for this reason.

Numerous exhibitors including SACCOS, insurance companies, agrochemical companies and information technology companies also attended Avocado Farmers’ Field Day. They provided guests with important information and training including farm inputs and access to finances.


Since the launch of Avocado Small Holders Field Day in 2012, there has been an evident increase in avocado yield, with farmers supplying 1,100 tonnes of avocados in 2016. Kakuzi feels that farmers are greatly benefiting from the Field Day event, in 2016 earned bonuses increased by Sh10 million. Kakuzi looks forward to continuing these events and strive for sustainability and development for all.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.