24TH MAY, 2017

Adopt a Tree

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Working with neighboring primary schools Kakuzi donated seedlings for a tree planting event. Staff and pupils were encouraged to take part, discovering their role in protecting the environment through the development of a tree planting culture. The efforts of the communities at Kakuzi will work towards improving the forest cover in the country. Currently estimated at 4% much work is still needed to reach the 10% target.


Over 2000 pupils from four primary schools went outdoors to plant trees in their school grounds. They learnt the right way of tree planting and the role trees play in the health of the environment and the community. Teachers used the planting process to discuss the benefits trees provide, including current school topics such as the rain cycle. Ultimately, it is hoped that the experience will encourage the children to take responsibility for the ongoing conservation of their local environment.


‘Adopt a Tree'

Each class and their teacher were allocated a tree seedling and are responsible for not only the planting but also the after care, nurturing and monitoring the growth of their tree to ensure survival of all trees planted.  Kakuzi managers were delighted for the opportunity to inspire teachers and pupils, to affect positive change at their schools and in turn, their community’s environmental conservation.


The event was lead by Kakuzi Ltd working in collaboration with the administration of the various schools.  60 tree seedlings were planted in total, Kakuzi look forward to taking the event to more schools in the future.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.