Linton Park Donates R50,000 for Rhino Preservation

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Rhinos without BordersDonation

With International Rhino Day celebrated on Thursday 22nd September, Linton Park Estate near Wellington handed a cheque of R50,000 to Dan Fenton of the Ngala Lodge at the Kruger National Park during a special occasion on the estate. Dan is a well-known champion of the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign.

Linton Park, with a founder’s history dating back to 1699, is part of the international Camellia plc business group with its head office in London.

Berenice Barker, Linton Park’s marketing and sales director, explained as follows:

“Here at Linton Park we have a sensitive ecosystem which is commonly known as Renosterveld. This distinctive South African type of veld which is very much under threat, was the main reason for us looking at preservation on a wider scale. Consequently we decided to get involved with the preservation of the rhino which is very much part of South Africa’s unique cultural heritage.”

She further commented: “It is unfortunate that the continued existence of the rhino on the African continent and in our country is in serious jeopardy. Linton Park makes this donation to contribute to the special cause for the preservation of the rhino. We want to show our support for the invaluable work that champions such as Dan Fenton and others do in this regard.” 

She added that this donation was made possible by sales of the estate’s ’Rhino’ wine range during the previous financial year.

The R 50 000 has been accumulated by one rand per bottle going to the rhino preservation fund. “The public also supported us by buying Rhino wines and we wish to thank them all for making this donation possible”, she concluded.

Laying of coins at School                                                                      

Ms Barker also referred to the fact that it was a privilege for Linton Park to share in the fundraising drive by the local Hugo Rust Primary School in Wellington whose 600 pupils participated in a coin laying event also to raise funds for the ‘Rhinos Without Borders’ campaign. Dan Fenton was the guest of honour on this occasion where a total amount of R 4 500 was raised. Compiled by Hatch Communication for Linton Park Estate

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