Case Studies

Goodricke, Education for All

Goodricke is passionate about providing an education for the children of their employees, and have built free schooling facilities in all of their gardens, including 104 nurseries and 41 primary schools taking care of 6979 students’ educational needs.


Goodricke has an ongoing scholarship grant programme for higher education, which is awarded to hardworking students.

Goodricke also provides vocational means under an outreach company care initiative programme to people with special needs through four of its packing centers across the country.

This programme is carried out at various institutions:

  • Goodricke School for Special Education in Siliguri
  • Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Kolkata
  • Digdarshika in Bhopal and
  • Shri Shri Utkarsh Samity in Indore
2020 ESG Report

Our 2020 ESG Report is now available.