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Eastern Produce Kenya, Sustaining The Natural Ecosystem

‘Fresh’, ‘cool’ and ‘serene’ are common terms that visitors use to describe the beautiful environment around EPK. Tree planting activities, agroforestry and tree nurseries within EPK help ensure that natural forests and ecosystems are maintained and improved.


Indigenous forests

Specially designed wetlands for factory water treatments

Approximately 4,800 trees are planted yearly in the villages and in our indigenous forests. This ensures that the natural ecosystem that exists within EPK is not destabilized but enhanced via biodiversity and natural beauty of these spaces.

Tree planting seminars and workshops organized annually have enhanced knowledge on environmental conservation across local and neighbouring communities, via education projects of school children. EPK has prohibited any destruction of forests and is accredited to Rainforest Alliance. Waste water from their factories is naturally treated and filtered via wetlands, which also act as beautiful recreational sites for workers, local communities and visitors.


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