14TH OCTOBER, 2016

Representatives from Camellia attend the Malawi Tea 2020 1st Annual Progress Meeting

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Malawi is Africa‚Äôs second largest tea producer, the tea industry is their largest formal sector of employment and Camellia-owned Eastern Produce Malawi is the largest producer of tea in the country. 


We are proud to be participating in Malawi 2020 an ambitious programme working to achieve a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable. A coalition of 21 stakeholders including Oxfam, Fairtrade International, M&S and the Ethical Tea Partnership is working together to achieve 5 core objectives by 2020.

  • A more competitive and profitable industry that is paying a living wage to workers
  • A healthier, motivated, and productive workforce with greater opportunities for women
  • An improved smallholder sector where farmers earn a living income
  • An improved wage-setting process with greater work representation
  • More sustainable energy use and an improved environment in tea growing areas

The Annual Progress Meeting was officially opened on the 12th October by Honourable Henry Musa MP, Minister of Labour, Malawi and provided a unique opportunity to track progress, analyse ongoing activities and discuss how objectives can be achieved.

For more information on how we are committed to change within our global community please visit Responsibility

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.