6TH MAY, 2015

Solar Project at Eastern Produce Kenya

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On the 6th May 2015 the Kepchomo photovoltaic power project was switched on. Made up of 1,020 solar panels producing up to 250 Watts each the site can generate 255,000 Watts, 255 kilo Watts of power. In bright sunlight this is sufficient power to run the factory.

The solar panels are located directly beside the factory. An inverter room has been established at the factory which allows conversion of the DC power produced via the panels to useable AC power. The solar system is controlled at the factory itself allowing total control.

The 310 292 kWhrs of photovoltaic power per annum will provide the power to produce 14% of the 2015 budget crop that was 4 483 181 kgs.

We hope that many more projects of this nature can be utilised across the group allowing us to ensure our businesses are managed and maintained in a sustainable fashion and reduce our environmental impact.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.