Case Studies

Goodricke, Green Energy Mix

Goodricke have worked on a number of innovative projects in sustainable energy. In 2015 Goodricke opened the alternative energy plant, Instant Tea Plant, ITP Aibheel, which uses solar panel technology. The production of instant tea at Aibheel uses on an average 5000  Litres of water per hour, which is heated up to 80oC via a steaming process.


Goodricke installed Concentrating Solar Technologies, CSTs, which convert solar energy to electricity for captive use in their ITP unit. Two adjoining south facing roofs were chosen for installation of 212 CPC, Compound Parabolic Concentrator panels.

One of the cleanest forms of energy, the CPC collector has helped reduce carbon emissions by cutting consumption of fossil fuels at the plant. Goodricke was awarded CST and Solar Cooker Excellence Award, 2016 from the Government of India for effectively using the CST system for processing heat application in an industrial establishment.

Our 2021 Annual Report is now available.